The Slovak Early Music Database - Cantus Planus in Slovacia allows free and universal access to
complete or fragmentary manuscripts with musical notation, written before c. 1600, kept at many different
libraries and archives in Slovakia. Every manuscript is given in full-color reproduction and entered
with a general description. Selected codices and fragments with monophonic or
polyphonic music are fully indexed. There are many search capabilities which are immediately
available to a visitor.

Under 'Sources', a visitor is able to search for manuscripts according to location, type and century
(single or multiple choice), as well as more detailed information concerning shelf-mark, provenance,
notation, etc. Once a manuscript is selected, a researcher is presented with the contents of that source,
along with the corresponding images. Under 'Archives' is found a list of Slovak collections and


Eva Veselovská | Project Manager and Principal Researcher (Institute of Musicology of Slovak
Academy of Sciences)

Hana Urbancová (Head of the Institute of Musicology of SAS) http://www.uhv.sav.sk/

Jan Koláček | Webmaster (Charles University in Prague)

Rastislav Adamko | Coordinator of Monophonic Sources (Catholic University in Ruzomberok)
Janka Bednáriková | Coordinator of Fragment Sources (Catholic University in Ruzomberok)
Andrea Meščanová | Coordinator of Polyphonic Sources (State Conservatory, Kosice)
Rastislav Luz | Department of Archiving and Auxiliary Sciences in History, Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University in Bratislava
Mária Michalovová |Slovak National Gallery
Veronika Garajová | Institute of Musicology of Slovak Academy of Sciences
Štefánia Demská | Institute of Musicology of Slovak Academy of Sciences


Sylvia Urdová | Slovak National Museum – Museum of Music
Zuzana Zahradníková | Catholic University in Ruzomberok

Student Assistants:

Zuzana Fernezová | Catholic University in Ruzomberok
Ivana Vernusová | Catholic University in Ruzomberok

The SEMD-CPS database was established as part of the project VEGA Nr. 2/0125/10 The Medieval Music Sources in the Slovak Church Libraries / Pramene cirkevnej hudby stredovekých knižníc na Slovensku, 2010-2012, directed by Eva Veselovská, Institute of Musicology of SAS;
the project APVV Nr. 51-043605 The Middle age sacred Music Sources from Slovakia / Pramene stredovekej cirkevnej hudby na Slovensku;
the project Nr. ITMS 26240120035 European Dimensions of the Artistic Culture in Slovakia / Európske dimenzie umeleckej kultúry Slovenska, 2011-2013, directed by Ivan Gerát, Institute of Art History of SAS;
the project VEGA Nr. 2/0031/13 CANTUS PLANUS - Gregorian chant in Slovakia as an era phenomenon / CANTUS PLANUS - gregoriánsky chorál na Slovensku ako fenomén doby, 2013-2016, directed by Eva Veselovská, Institute of Musicology of SAS;
the project VEGA Nr. 1/0027/13 The research and source edition of the gradual deposited in the Slovak national archive in Bratislava, Bratislava chapter library fund, signature Manuscripta 67 / Výskum a pramenná edícia graduála deponovaného v Slovenskom národnom archíve v Bratislave, fond Knižnice Bratislavskej kapituly, signatúra Manuscripta 67, 2013-2016, directed by Rastislav Adamko, Catholic University in Ruzomberok;
the project APVV Nr. 14-0681 The Music in Bratislava / Hudba v Bratislave, 2015-2019, directed by doc. PhDr. Jana Bartová, PhD. Department of Musicology, Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University in Bratislava.

This project is carried out at the Institute of Musicology of Slovak Academy of Sciences
with funding from Music Fund Bratislava.

Cooperation – Institutions:
Catholic University in Ruzomberok
Central Library of Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava
Slovak National Archive
Slovak National Museum – Museum of Music
State Archive in Banska Bystrica, branch office Banska Stiavnica
State Archive in Bratislava, branch office Modra
Slovak Pedagogic Library
University Library in Bratislava
Archive of the Capital City of the Slovak Republic / Bratislava City Archive / State Archive in Bratislava
State Scientific Library in Košice

English translation:
Lucia Hrkútová
Marián Marec